Day 9-Cycle Osaka!

It was the dawn of yet another beautiful day in Japan.  The sun was just beginning to shine down on the tracks as we waited on the platform to catch our train to Osaka.  Thankfully we were assured by the kind young man in uniform that we had the right platform.  Kyoto is a pretty busy station and it was a little challenging for us to find one of the “local” trains since they don’t seem to be as well marked as the Shinkansen.  Our train was right on schedule and we were soon aboard and on our way to … Continue reading Day 9-Cycle Osaka!

Day 8-The twisted path to Avril yarn shop

Later in the afternoon I went in search of wooden buttons, linen trims and other Zakka type items.  I had talked to a jewelry maker the previous day and she gave me some ideas, but nothing specific so I was pretty much left to my own wanderings. There were knives and bikes and antiques, but still no buttons.      The Tokyu Hands department store was very cool, but still no buttons.  About an hour later I happened to find this quaint little shop called Linnet. According to their website, LINNET is a company introducing original linen fabrics and products. They also carry linen … Continue reading Day 8-The twisted path to Avril yarn shop