Day 8-Kyoto: The city of 10,000 shrines and tourists!

In truth, Kyoto contains only about 2,000 temples and shrines, but receives over 30 million tourists each year.  

The former Imperial city is certainly a popular travel destination and as the day warmed up, so did the crowded streets.  The city attracts both foreign and domestic travelers.  It was also a popular place for many Japanese school trips. You also couldn’t walk more than a few steps without running into scores of men and women dressed up in the tradional costumes.      However, some costumes were better than others and left us guessing as to whether they were real or not.  Umbrellas were both practical and fashionable. There was also no shortage of places to shop and eat.         An entire shop dedicated to Hello Kitty!     A bike store featuring a HK jersey… And even a Studio Ghibli store!    All of this and more under the watchful eye of the enormous Buddha on the hill.    

Travel the world, fill your suitcase with treasures; They all have a story that becomes a memory for life.


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