Day 7-Yoshida Steak House

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been to a Japanese steak house. Was it in Japan or someplace else?  Growing up and in my own family it was always one of our favorite places to go for birthdays and other special occasions.  

So it seemed only fitting that we should have dinner at a “real” Japanese steak house.  Ironically it’s not all that different than what I had experienced back home. Even the description on their website is translated as a “Japanized Western Restaurant”.  So what exactly does that mean?

Regardless it was still a fun experience. Probably the biggest difference is that the chefs don’t do all silly little stunts.  You won’t see a knife show, no egg or shrimp toss, no flaming onions that singe the hair off your eyebrows.  

But you will have to wear a bib, so maybe the joke is on us.  But in typical fashion, we went with the program and just had fun with it.  

And like all the places we have eaten in Japan, the food and service was excellent. 

   We even chatted quite a bit with one young man in particular. He appeared to have the best conversational skills and seemed very interested in talking to us.  As always the feeling was mutual.

 At the end of our meal they even asked us to put a pin on the map of where we lived.  And wouldn’t you know, there were plenty of pins already marking the spot?

But the highlight of the evening is when he asked for our Kyoto map because he wanted to show us where he lived.

Looks to me like that young man may have a future in foreign diplomacy.

Once you know the “secret” ingredients and understand the cooking methods used by Japanese steakhouses, you’ll be able to re-create the atmosphere of a high-energy Japanese steakhouse right in your own home. Along with dazzling side dishes, we’ll provide the recipes for succulent steak and shrimp that are so good, your guests won’t even mind if you don’t slice, dice and flip them onto their plates.



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