Day 5-Last day in Tokyo!

Our last day in Tokyo was very chill and laid back. We spent a relaxing morning just catching our breath since we had gone non-stop since we landed.  

However we were in need of two additional suitcases and so we caught a train to a nearby shopping center. There must be thousands of shopping malls in Tokyo and there is no shortage of things to buy.  So is it any wonder that along the way we managed to find a few more shops and sights? A Milwaukee shirt in Japan!  Harley-Davidson is very popular here.   A Mister Donut!    A natural foods grocery store…       A skateboard shop…        A housewares shop…      A pair of kimonos…    A pair of clay sculptures…     And even a pair of kitties…    And to think think that we didn’t even scratch the surface. There was so much more to see and do in Tokyo.  We are already planning a return visit.

On a related subject, there are many coins in Japan, which seems to be a predominantly cash based society.  Some of the larger department stores accept credit cards, but cash is the most common form of payment.  There are also little trays next to the registers at the check out counters.  Here is a great explanation from another blog regarding the payment system here in Japan.

Japan is primarily a cash based society. Many places take credit cards, but from what I’ve seen and experienced, most people use cash. The yen is in coin form for anything under 1000 yen (10 Japanese dollars), so dropping coins can be a big deal here! If you drop coins, you could possibly dropping 1 and 5 dollars at a time! Also, many businesses will have a small tray at the cash register for you to place your money in. It’s often blue, but some businesses have different styles. This tray allows you to pay without having to exchange the money in your hands. Sometimes the person at the register will hand you your money back and sometimes they will put it on the tray.


As you can see below, our coin collection is growing at an alarming rate.        There is also a gold 500 coin, which is my favorite! It is helpful to get a divided coin purse in order to keep the higher and lower coins separated. Also it’s a good idea to use your coins as much as possible during your stay or else you may end up with a pocket full of coins at the end of your trip.

“Getting money is like digging with a needle;
spending it is like water soaking into sand.”
Japanese Proverb


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