Day 1…Take me out the ballgame!

        After walking over 15,000 steps we made it back to our room and had just about an hour to freshen up and head back out to see our first Japanese baseball game. We decided to splurge and took a cab to Jingu Stadium to see the hometown Yakult Swallows take on the Hanshin Tigers. The Swallows are the smaller and perhaps lesser known team in Tokyo. The Giants that play in Tokyo Dome are more like the Yankees back in the States. But the dome is covered and Jingu stadium is open. It turned out to be a good call on our part, because it was a beautiful night for a baseball game.  

         A Japanese baseball game is such a fun atmosphere and you should definitely go to one if you ever get the chance.  The fans here really love their baseball and it definitely shows.  Both teams were well represented since the Hanshin Tigers are a very popular team here in Japan. But more on that later since we will also be going to a Tigers game when we are in Osaka.  The game is still played the same but the energy is totally different.   


        Like American baseball there are plenty of beer vendors running around the aisles. But for some reason they just look cuter here in Japan. 


        However there didn’t seem to be any hot dog or peanut vendors. So if you wanted food to go with your beer then you needed to go down into the concourse.  At Jingu stadium there must have been over a dozen different food options.        

        But Brad settled on a hot dog in a bun (not on a stick) and I opted for the Jack Daniels pulled pork sandwich, which ironically was one of the best sandwiches I have ever tasted.

        It turned out to be a very good game with lots of hits and runs. 


        And even a bench clearing scuffle over a charged play at home.


        Most memorable moments however were the cheers and chants from the fans. 

        (Insert video here)…

        The Tigers won the game but honestly the score didn’t matter much to us. 

        “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game.” ~ Grantland Rice



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