1st Flight/night in Tokyo: Dinner & Downpour

We left a stormy Chicago and flew directly into tropical storm Noul (which was the typhoon that had just swept through the Phillipines with deadly force.) Fortunately the pilot of our JAL Boeing 777 made a successful landing on his 2nd attempt in 70+ mph headwinds and wind shears. 

Aside from the bumpy landing the 12 hour flight on JAL was quite smooth. The food and in-flight entertainment was excellent. Also the flight attendants were some of the loveliest and friendliest in the sky.    


One of the highlights of the flight for me was the Japanese movie called A Stitch of Life (2015).   It was a very sweet movie about a dressmaker who carries on her grandmothers tradition of making clothes that will last a lifetime. The customs and immigrations at Narita went very smoothly. The airport was very modern and run with great efficiency. Sadly pictures are not allowed in this area. But to be perfectly honest I was a bit too jet lagged at the moment to care. 

We took the Narita Express (the JR line Shinkansen) into Tokyo Station. Somehow we managed to make our way through the maze of passageways in the multi-level and extremely busy station.  Upon reaching the street level we found the nearest JP (Japan Post) to use the ATM machines.  In a zombie like trance we got in a taxi and had him take him across the city to our room.  Since it was still too early to turn in for the night. We walked a few blocks to a very off the beaten path locals only type restaurant that was recommended to us by our host. Their specialty was chicken on the grill served on sticks and it was quite tasty.  Our server and cook were extremely polite and friendly.  They made us feel at home even though we were clearly the only “gaijin” or tourists in the place.


  After dinner came the downpour and we were drenched on our walk back to the room.  Brad managed to capture a few pictures on his camera phone.    Our 1st night in Tokyo was everything I dreamed it would be and more. 

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.” – Susan Heller



4 thoughts on “1st Flight/night in Tokyo: Dinner & Downpour

  1. Catching up on your travels! Wish I were there with you! Also, that quote is sound advice and I followed it exactly before I backpacked through Europe. 😄


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