To Infinity…and Beyond!

This is one of my favorite quotes from the Pixar Toy Story movies. It seems appropriate since on Monday, we leave for two weeks in Japan.  The direct flight from Chicago to Tokyo will take approximately 12 hours and it will probably feel like we have travelled to the moon and back by the time we land.  But I can’t tell you how excited we are to finally visit Japan.  It’s been on my bucket list ever since I was a kid and way before I even knew what a “bucket” list meant.  I have my high school art teacher, George Roby, in part to thank for my love of all things Japanese.  Every Spring the art department hosted a Raku festival for the rest of the school and it certainly was one of most treasured memories of high school.  Speaking of high school, I will be missing my class’s 30th reunion and also the school’s 100th anniversary, which is billed to be the party of the century.  Certainly I will miss seeing my classmates.  But it seems like I have waited a lifetime to visit Japan and so we go…to infinity…and beyond!



3 thoughts on “To Infinity…and Beyond!

  1. Looks like your having fun everything looks neat and orderly very Japanese like have you seen a Geisha wearing a hello kitty kimono?🐱 always take the side street and go thru small doors and love a Beatle. Yokohama Ono


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